ChrisTV Lite

ChrisTV Lite 6.75

Watch TV channels and record favourite shows on your PC using your TV card

Simply put, this program lets you watch TV on your computer, provided that you have a TV card installed in your system.
The first thing you may ask about this program is, what is the point of watching TV on the small computer screen when having a big plasma or a LED TV set? For starters, the program allows you to record your favorite shows or sports events if you are not at home to watch or rewatch them later. This is like having an old VCR recorder back in the days, but with digital quality. You can also record FM radio shows and capture stills from the screen in an easy manner.

This version of the program is free for non-commercial use. There are also other paid-based versions that you can purchase at the developer's website.

The installation wizard asks you to take part in a market research community. If you accept, you authorize the program to collect information from your system. You can decline to do so and still have the program installed. Also, the installation wizard is detected as adware by some antivirus solutions, which may prevent you from installing the program, so you may take this into account before trying the program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Watch TV shows on a bigger screen
  • Record FM radio shows
  • Capture stills


  • Some antivirus mark the installation file as adware
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